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Proto Gallery | Hoboken, New Jersey
March 24, 2018 - May 6, 2018.


Chilean sculptor Denise Treizman's multi-disciplinary artistic practice combines real-world found objects, store-bought consumer materials, studio ceramics, drawing, and even performance. The title of this exhibition is intended to reference Treizman's tendency to create in clay, an object that can be positioned in an installation milieu on an equal footing with her large textile weavings or even ready-mades. The object in clay is the found object that could not be found; it has to instead be made, not unlike the modern marshmallow confection, the fruit that nature wouldn't provide, but we always wanted. 

THE MARSHMALLOW METHOD has a significant quantity of vividly-glazed hand-built or slabbed ceramic elements. These ceramic pieces are individual artworks when isolated, however they often are integrated parts of large installations which are constructed in response to a given space. When experienced in-hand rather than on the wall, the details and properties of the ceramic works such as previously hidden vivid interior glaze work is revealed. Many of the individual components of Treizman's large installations, and even smaller individual sculptures, have this property. They exist as real objects that can move freely in their environment, and can even be subject to future remixing and alteration.

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