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PROTO GOMEZ proudly presents DREAM ALONE TOGETHER FIRE a solo exhibition of new textiles and collage by Denise Treizman.

In 2015, Denise Treizman participated in the ACRE Residency program in Southwest Wisconsin, where she began to experiment with both fiber and ceramics processes, a departure from her almost exclusively found-object sculpture process. Mixed-media tapestries have become a regular occurrence in her work, often integrated or accompanied by found objects and colorful low-fire and lustre over-glazed ceramics.

DREAM ALONE TOGETHER FIRE features several new woven wall sculptures, exquisitely soft to the touch with areas of variegated texture provided by non-traditional found materials. Light emanates from interwoven constellations of tiny LED bulbs and is reflected by synthetic materials and glittering fabrics. These nebulaic fabric compositions are accompanied by a selection of recent drawings executed in a variety of adhesive tapes, water soluble crayon, Sharpie pen, and typewriter correction tape. These energetic drawings suggest atoms locked within crystalline formations, or sweeping traces of reflected particles as they scatter across a fluorescent screen, all executed with materials from Treizman’s typical ecosystem.

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