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Art in Odd Places Festival | New York City


Rel(a)y was a participatory performance that took place in the Art in Odd Places Festival, 2017. This version of the festival was curated by Rocio Aranda-Alvarado, Jodie Waynberg and Nicolas Estevez-Dummit.


Passer-byes were impromptu encouraged to help “schlepp” a PVC-pipe sculpture through the sidewalks of 14th Street. The act of pushing this large and flashy object disrupted the routine around it generating a moment of pause, curiosity and public interaction. It brought strangers together in an action that was absurd, yet at the same time a task anyone living in New York can relate to. The action also refers to my personal experience as an artist who uses found objects, in terms of the logistical struggles and spontaneous interactions that dragging an unexpected object on the street provoke. 



With the collaboration of artists Patricia Brace and Katie Hector.

Costumes by: Patricia Brace

Performers: Patricia Brace and Katie Hector

Video: Jemila MacEwan

Video edition: Paulina Rutman

Link to Video 

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