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Tiger Strikes Asteroid | Chicago, IL
March 23, 2024 - May 18, 2024

Curated by Teresa Silva


Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago is proud to present Snap, bend, bump, pop a solo exhibition of new and existing work by Miami-based artist, Denise Treizman. The exhibition is curated by Teresa Silva, TSA CHI member and co-director.

Balancing careful conception and intuitive assembly, Treizman creates ambitious wall-based sculptures and three-dimensional paintings. At times, incorporating woven pipe cleaners, bubble wrap, LED lights, fibers, iridescent paper, duct tape, and deflated balloons alongside discarded materials found in our urban, throwaway culture. Manipulating these materials, the artist uses the power of play to explore the boundlessness of color, form, and abstraction to generate feeling and meaning in space. It is an expression of emotions and actions that imbue the works with perceptions of chaos and control, both in the intricate details and as complete works. Treizman combines the visual strategies of painting, sculpture, and installation to produce works resisting the limitations that such terms imply. What’s more, her art impels the viewer to consider the materiality of our oversaturated consumer culture, one defined by its disposability and desirability.

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