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The Dorado Project - The Buggy Factory | Brooklyn, New York
June 5, 2015 - June 8, 2015
Curated by Enrico Gomez


The Dorado Project, at The Buggy Factory, proudly presents De Colores, a group art show featuring Inna Babaeva, Andrea Bergart, Jennifer Ditacchio, Ben Godward, Doreen McCarthy, Anne Russinof, and Denise Treizman, which celebrates the myriad attributes and effects of color.


Taken from the Mexican folk song and un-official theme of the United Farm Workers Union, the title alludes to the celebratory and life-affirming qualities of color, expressed within the show along aesthetic lines. The song was employed to unify workers and buoy campesino spirits during protests and long fights for justice. The lyrics include seasonal and environmental references that were readily identifiable, communal, and uplifting and the heartening, stimulating visual characteristics of “the great love of infinite colors” is also soundly evident here.

The artists within De Colores, though coming from multiple individual concerns and practices, share a deep affinity for color and an appreciation for its impression and efficacy. Bands of aqua and white within the paintings of Jennifer Ditacchio connote landscape and movement while layered swaths of gestural and intersecting mark fill the frames of Anne Russinof’s gem-like works. Like three-dimensional brushstrokes writ large, the inflatable sculptures of Doreen McCarthy posses a keen and contradictory sense of gravity and weightlessness while the works of Inna Babaeva commingle everyday objects, industrial foam and spectral hues to surreal and fantastical effect. Ben Godward’s art, through accretion, offers vivid cues to his creative concerns including gluttony, product marketing and consumerism. With references to fabric design, gestural abstraction and 80’s pop, the paintings of Andrea Bergart gleam with vitality and the multi-disciplinary works of Denise Treizman mix found objects, paint, and a heightened color palette for results that straddle the demarcations between artistic disciplines.


De Colores offers a song of color to kickoff the summer season, to salute the 9th Annual Bushwick Open Studios, and to acknowledge the vibrant talents of seven deeply imaginative and brilliant artists.This is the second art event at The Buggy Factory which will serve as an official BOS2015 HUB for the 9th Annual Bushwick Open Studios event.

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