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Chelsea Gallery | New York City

February 22, 2013 - March 9, 2013


School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents “Split Ends,” the second of two MFA Fine Arts Department thesis exhibitions. Curated by Tim Saltarelli, “Split Ends” is comprised of work in various media by Rob Campbell, Feng-Tsung Chan, Matthew Eck, Anna Costa e Silva, Nick Fyhrie, Keith Hoffman, David Jacobs, Marc Bradley Johnson, Sara Mejia Kriendler, Emily Langmade, Dongsuk Lee, Kwantaeck Park, Jamie Sneider, Denise Treizman, Ates Ucul, Naormi Wang and Briane Whiteley. The exhibition will be on view February 22 – March 9 at the Visual Arts Gallery, 601 West 26 Street, 15th Floor, New York City.

Exhibition curator Tim Saltarelli says, “Structured around a number of video and sculptural installations, punctuated by series of paintings and works on paper, ‘Split Ends’ establishes a platform for the reflection and analysis of our contemporary moment. Though the title alludes to the diversity of the 17 artist practices contained within the exhibition, prevalent among its concerns are the ways in which images, consumer goods, architecture, fashion and design condition not only the body, but also social and interpersonal relations.

“These concerns are articulated through the use of often already identifiable objects and latter-day readymades. While the constitutive images and elements of many of the works in ‘Split Ends’ demonstrate a certain uncanny familiarity, these elements, often the cast offs and excesses of material culture, are reconfigured and combined in often precarious or tenuous ways. The resulting art works manifest an interest in a temporal ephemerality and foreground the importance of the process of their own formation. In so doing, the artists in ‘Split Ends’ take the known world and reinvent it, make it strange and redirect it towards a different end.”


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