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Coral Springs Museum of Art | Coral Springs, FL
January 18, 2024 - March 30, 2024
Curated by Mahara Martinez


“Glean, Glow, Glam!” invites us to take a visual journey through the work of Denise Treizman, a Chilean-Israeli artist based in Miami, FL.

The exhibition revolves around the concept of “non-hierarchy” immersing us in a visual game where each element, from a delicate piece of ceramics to a seemingly valueless object, can claim a central place in Treizman’s work. Her seamless artistic language harmoniously blends ready-made with hand-crafted, challenging expectations and creating a unique experience for the viewer.

A central installation, which spans a large space on the floor, is the epicenter of the exhibition. Several works are carefully scattered throughout the room in dialogue with each other and the main installation. Together they generate a universe where boundaries between the works fade, prompting the viewer to reflect on the connection and communication between works and materials. By creating a world where each element equally contributes to the overall narrative, the artist invites us to question traditional notions of importance and position in art.

Treizman’s creative process is fueled by accumulation and reuse, transforming seemingly ephemeral materials into lasting and meaningful works. From yoga balls to NYC taxi bumpers she has held onto for years, each element tells its own story. Her practice becomes an act of

artistic appropriation and playful exploration, challenging hyper consumption while also participating in it.

Link to exhibition catalog

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