May 6-June 5, Cuchifritos Gallery.
curated by Kelly Schroer

see press relase
photos by Bill Masey

 "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk" Duct tape, glazed ceramic tiles  "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk" Metal, Plastic ribbon, pompoms, tassel rope, and spray paint  "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk" Tire, paracord rope, wooden pallet, vinyl fabric, swimming pool noodle, duster, and spray paint  "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk" Glazed ceramic, tape, plastic tubing, flexible rubber tubing, plexiglass, and spray paint
 "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk" Screen, glitter, ball, and vinyl fabric  "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk" Metal, ball, sand  "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk" Tire, plastidip paint, and spray paint  "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk" Glazed ceramic, flexible rubber tubing
 "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk" Shelf, swimming pool noodle, pipe cleaners, pompom, sand spray paint and tape.  "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk"  "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk"  "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk"
 "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk"  "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk"  "DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk"
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